How have flawed, buggy pieces of shit like Windows 8 and 8.1 been released? I just don't actually get it, doesn't any testing get done?

start tiles disappear after a while for no reason, test your product properly



also its kind of a large bug that stops you from being able to use the operating system, I think even a "preview" (whatever that means) should retain basic core functionality (that is, if you call metro functional)

- The lack of unification is just bizarre, the operating system has clearly been designed by untrained goats. The new fancy interface that sort of comes in and out awkwardly during normal use. It's like they moved half the operating system to metro and bored and released it, I just can't actually understand.

- Fancy new metro apps to take the place of "those old-fashioned software applications that we used back in the dark ages of keyboard and mouse oriented computing" like windows photo viewer and windows media player; but they're still there. Why is there two of everything? Windows 8 seems like this awkward stopgap between mouse/keyboard and touch as the dominant form of computing (the whole touch thing seems like a big middle finger though, LOL WE'RE DOING THIS NOW). Hey, release a metro and non-metro version of the operating system instead of this awkward combination of randomness, problem solved. This is the baffling nature of the operating system where random parts of it are metro and other parts aren't; and then some functions are duplicated in both interfaces, like control panel. Except bits of control panel aren't in metro. It's like I've had mixed vegetables thrown at me. HERE, FIND THE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT CHUNK OF CARROT. All this redundancy and indecision is why the operating system is 20GB.

- Search results in metro. Two results appear. I press the down arrow to go to the second result but this DOESN'T DO ANYTHING so I end up opening the first result. What if this is a porn website? hue

- "Reader" app crashed when I opened a PDF...k

- "This PC"...NAH RLY

- Ugly.

- Windows media player is completely broken, uses excessive cpu usage for playing music, but not for video...which doesn't MAKE ANY SENSE. As I said, test your product properly. Also... "MEDIA" player. NAH LETS SPLIT IT INTO THREE DIFFERENT APPS...BUT THEN KEEP WMP ANYWAY

-_- i don't have time for this shit



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