- cpu clock speed reading in task manager doesn't actually grab the actual clock speed


- clicking change adapter settings in the network and sharing center opens in a new window now...?


- web results in start menu open edge regardless of default browser


- why is the command prompt very dark grey instead of black?
- wifi flat out didn't work after a restart one time, for no apparent reason
- 2018-05 cumulative update failed to install the first time for no reason
- installed a program that refused to open and i had to restart computer, despite it not telling me to restart
- kept doing stuff in the "background" hogging ridic amounts of ssd and cpu
- why does windows 10 include all these random third party ads and games???


- the bootable installer uses 2gb ram
- the installer still uses the old task manager because they know how ridiculous the new one is
- first thing I get when I open the command prompt is an error about not enough memory to process some command (what command??? I didn't do anything yet). this is a freshly made USB windows 10 installer
- much less opportunities to use shift+f10 during the installation process compared to 7 and xp, all part of the locking down of modern windows
- skipping the version number from 6.4 to 10 defeats the purpose of internal version numbers
- the ability to show WiFi security keys while typing them was a godsend in windows 7 but that's been removed too
- "find my device if it gets lost" in 2018 cant you detect that i'm on a fucking desktop pc
- send to Microsoft! send to Microsoft! why are you so obsessed with me
- uncomfortably common use of the term "pc" - its not a mac, we get it
- saying "Leave everything to us" in massive font during the install process is really creepy
- 5 seconds after I get to the desktop it says "we're adding new features to windows" omfg I didn't ask for this
- 10 seconds after I get to the desktop I type in and hit enter but since Edge is so slow it canceled my request and had to load the bloated new tab page first before it would listen to what I did
- searching for graphics driver - ok that is good, automatic driver install, but I was midway through typing this post and the screen went black and my primary monitor switched the other one too, how annoying
- the cursor in the textbox for this blog post in Edge is ignoring my line breaks until I type something else or hit the end key
- one of the worst things I forgot to mention in my previous long post was the one time windows 10 updated my sound driver while I was watching a movie and broke the sound until I restarted. thanks a lot
- speaking of restarting, 34 years later and windows still has to restart 6000 times every time you do anything ever
- This PC defaults to Quick Access view instead of what you'd actually expect to see, just more of the locking down of windows
- I hid cortana and it keeps coming back
- "You'll need to provide administrator permission" I AM A FUCKING ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT

more to come


Things in Windows 10 being on 100% for ages


Any and all issues I have with Windows 10 will be posted on this blog from now on (so, regularly).

Issues present in Windows 10:
- The OS talks to you like you're 5 years old
- The endless spying and privacy breaches
- Generally getting harassed by notifications
- Which random control panel item will they attempt to merge with the Settings "app" this season?
- Control panel hidden so deeply that you're forced to use the settings app which is missing half the shit
- Start menu search doesn't find items in the start menu half the time
- Forced updating - 3GB update forced upon all users every 3 months full of features 99% of people didn't ask for
- Random apps occasionally install themselves out of the blue
- A Microsoft Edge ad pops up when you try to switch your default browser
- There were ads in This PC at one point - putting ads in a product that costs money is absolutely unacceptable
- Requires a supercomputer to run smoothly, struggles to run well on the low-end hardware it's often bundled with
- The same applies to Microsoft Edge where Chrome runs better on low-end hardware
- Can't access Windows 7 shared folders for some reason (maybe I'll figure this one out)
- Updates fail all the time
- Can't choose not to display the folders that appear in This PC
- You can hide them but they'll automatically re-expand if you go to one of them in the sidebar and then go back to This PC
- The decision to allow Windows Updates to download over metered connections
- "Something went wrong" errors with absolutely no fucking explanation
- When the "Something went wrong" error appears after a creators update fails to install for no reason and it downloads it all again
- The easiest way to solve this is just to reinstall from scratch
- Windows Defender's Real-time protection takes up way too many resources
- Turning off Real-time protection via psexec results in a "This setting is controlled by your system administrator" message, which seems to suggest that there are superadmin privileges beyond the ones that are activated by turning off LUA in the registry. Let me control my own computer holy fuck. Microsoft seems really obsessed with blocking experienced users from doing anything
- Windows 10 is just generally unprofessional and buggy

Issues present since Windows 8.1:
- Requires some random CPU instruction that no one's ever heard of, preventing it from running on some fully compliant PAE/NX CPUs
- Have to jump through hoops to change a network from public to private
- Ads in Start Menu by default

Issues present since Windows 8:
- Need to change a registry setting to actually become admin
- Two web browsers, two control panels, two media players, two photo viewers, two of fucking everything
- Still can't use the Y key to say Yes to deletions of hidden/system files
- Secure Boot needs to get lost

Issues present since Windows 7:
- Still no return of Inkball or the Aurora screensaver

Issues present since Windows Vista:
- Takes up 16GB for no reason
- Needs more than a Pentium II 233MHz processor to open This PC in 1 second
- Issues surrounding the entire UI being GPU rendered and V-synced

Issues present since Windows XP:
- Requires a Pentium-class processor

Issues present since Windows 2000
- Compatibility mode doesn't always work

Issues present since Windows 98
- Incompatibility with some Windows 95 programs

Issues present since Windows 95
- None!

Issues present since Windows NT 3.1
- Existence of BSODs

Issues present since Windows 1.0
- Everything